Tuesday, August 2, 2011

last leg

For all that Kansas wasn't, Colorado and Wyoming more than made up.  It has been four years since I drove in Colorado and Wyoming.  That came when I joined four friends and we spent a week rustling cattle and avoiding low hanging door ways.  Driving by the exit for Hanna Wyoming brought back memories of an amazing trip with great friends.

The scenery across Colorado and Wyoming are masterful works of art.  The hand of God is displayed everywhere you look.  As we neared Salt Lake City Utah, (in the darkness) I was reminded we were only one day from being home.  This has been a good trip.  There have been those moments of temporary insanity, but all in all we have done well.  I am not superstitious so I am saying that before we begin todays travel.

On the last leg of our journey today we have the Nevada desert laying before us.  I am initially thinking Kansas like thoughts, but will reserve judgement until we pass into California.  Either way, we are nearing home.  Our journey has taken us over many miles.  We have been blessed by getting to see many friends.  We saw Don and Kelli Gilliam as we passed through Montgomery Alabama.  We were able to visit with the Koski family in Birmingham. Of course we spent time with George and Dana Welty and the White Station youth ministry while at camp in Tennessee.  In Denver we were blessed by our time with Wade and Dara Gardner.  Seeing my family and Jennifer's family along with friends has made the trip special.

No matter how far you travel, friends and family make the time special.  As we approach the last leg of our return, Jennifer and I both are looking forward to seeing our new friends and what God has in store.

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