Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the Kingdom and friends

I have been visiting with a friend of mine who is out in California preaching for a church in LA.  Aside from it just being fun being with Dr. Al Sutton, it is also an incredible experience.  I am enjoying an entirely different worship experience and making new friends.  The whole experience is a good reminder of how big the Kingdom of God is and the importance of remaining connected to friends.

Dr. Sutton is the Pastor of Living Stones Temple in Birmingham AL.  I have been blessed by our friendship as well as the occasions we have ministered together.  I watched and listened last night as he masterfully walked through Psalm 37.  One of his statements has really hit me.  "Just because God is delayed doesn't mean you have been denied".  The work of God is always on His time and pace.  He will fulfill his work in His time and according to His plan.

Dr. Sutton's lesson last night gave people hope.  I saw an explosion of joy and worship.  I am looking forward to tonight as we experience round two.  Take some time and reflect on your view of the Kingdom of God and the friends who bless your life.

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