Thursday, March 8, 2012

arrogant and isolated

Two words that we don't really self acknowledge, but that have deadly impact on our lives are arrogance and isolation. I say that from the perspective of takes one to know one. It is my opinion that we all have it in us to be arrogant and isolated. It shows in diverse ways, but it is a problem in the masses. Leaders/ Pastors are some of the worse.

Leaders/ Pastors begin to read their press about success or growth in their realm of influence. It can lead to a subtle belief that we have become the "smartest" "coolest" "most creative" .... etc.... and that can head us down a path of thinking we are smart enough to handle on our own anything thrown at us. It happens in families, businesses, churches, everywhere really. In an effort to protect or insulate ourselves we then begin pulling back from the very people we have been called to lead. This isolation mentality can lead to the deadly thought that I really don't need other people.

I could write books of how this thinking is ruining marriages, taking down Pastors, sabotaging corporate heads and wreaking havoc in every day life. I will stop with just these questions. Who are you vulnerable to for the purpose learning and being taught? Who is leading the leaders? Are you insulated from people knowing your struggles or are there trusted friends who are challenging your walk because you invited them to do so?

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