Monday, March 19, 2012

Jesus in the Mountains

Just spent an amazing three days with over 100 daughters of God. Jennifer and I served as Spiritual Directors for Northern California Tres Dias #4. What an absolutely amazing time! You don't have to go to the mountains to meet Jesus, but it is really a cool place to encounter Him. We spent a day in the rain and two days in the snow.

All three days were a constant reminder of God's grace and the call to live a life of love. So many stories of God rescuing and freeing women from the past. As the ladies were hearing the message of God's grace overcoming our mess, the snow kept falling. I can't help but think of the incredible visual of pure white snow speaking to the ladies about Christ's sacrifice purifying us.

Jesus in the city. Jesus in the country. Jesus in the good times. Jesus in the difficult. Jesus before me. Jesus behind me. Jesus by my side. Jesus within me. Jesus in the mountains! Jesus and only Jesus!

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