Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nehemiah and the lesson of politics

I have been working through Nehemiah for almost two months now. I love the practical insight into leading that Nehemiah lays out in his journal. This past week we focused on Nehemiah's focus amid distraction, threats, and attacks. I took time to use an example that is a hot button for many. I have been warned before about not using politics as an example but I couldn't help myself. Nehemiah remained focused on his calling and avoided getting dragged into innuendo and "might be true" conversations.

I am truly neither Republican nor democrat in my views. I am more like someone through paint against the wall. I have convictions and things that matter to me, but not the kind of conviction where I refuse to be friends with people who disagree. The example I used went like this... "Do you know how many millions of dollars and man hours have been expended by some to try and prove our President isn't a born citizen of the U.S.? Rather than us as believers spending our time consumed with that, let's just go love and serve, and care for the least of our community and make a difference."

My point was not a political statement, but rather a plea and reminder that our citizenship is to a Kingdom not of this world, but that will transform the world in which we live. I'm sure my example received mixed reviews. What I am most hopeful of though is that we live in the present and make an impact on what we can impact. That our lives aren't consumed with "what might be true" rather just live the truth that overcame the grave.

Even in the West it is dangerous to mix religion and politics!!!

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