Monday, April 4, 2011

kicking the tires

One of the intriguing aspects of planting a church for me is those that come visit to "kick the tires".  They want to test drive what we have to offer and how we do Sundays.  I have no desire, intention, nor energy to be the mall where you can purchase the finest in religious goods and services.  Our goal is to relationally connect with those that decide to walk along with us.  Yes we want to have quality bible study opportunities and worshipful and experiential gathering times.  However, the bigger desire we have is to see people use their gifts and talents to serve others.
We are just in our infancy and still strengthening our core.  As a young and growing plant we aren't in a place to provide the latest and greatest.  So when someone comes in to kick the tires, my prayer is they kick the right tires.  They see we are committed to honoring God and serving others.  They see we aren't about laser light shows or archaic expressions.   We are simply about seeking God, welcoming the work of The Holy Spirit, intentionally living in relationship with others, and allowing God to use us however he chooses.
It may not be a fancy new sports car, but it is one that will faithfully journey with you.  So come on in and take a test drive.  Get to know those sitting next to you.  Hear their story of faith and struggle.  Watch as they connect with God and seek to connect with you.  You will probably discover a used model that is out of warranty.  But don't be fooled by what you see on the outside, they are being renewed and transformed from the inside out!

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