Wednesday, April 13, 2011

white Easter

I'm dreaming of a white..... Easter?!  No offense to Bing, but well, with this Northern California weather we just might have a white Easter.  Today it was a chilly 50 degrees here in Auburn while thirty miles up the hill in Alta they had a beautiful two inches of snow.  I am thinking we overshot Northern Cal and landed in Seattle.
Easter Sunday is ten days away and this is crazy.  We are planning for a big push on Easter Sunday and working on things for that day.  Do we plan on outside Children's worship area or snow sleds and warm coats?  This is crazy!!!!
I love the beauty and creative landscape God designed for this area.  It is truly amazing!  I must have slept through or skipped the class in seminary that dealt with multi dimensional weather forecasting and adjustable weather patterns.  White Easter.... could happen!

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