Friday, April 29, 2011


There is an assumption that once we “come to Christ” we have miraculously arrived.  Believers tend to check a mental box and say well I’ve taken care of that... But what would have been taken care of.  By faith when we receive Christ and His forgiveness, we are invited into an amazing and ongoing journey.  We are invited to participate in the divine nature and in that we continue to move closer to the heart of God as well as maturing in our faith and understanding of His will.  
As a church plant we are beginning a series on Discipleship.  Discipleship is an oft used and even more misused word.  Discipleship is a journey.  It is exploring, investigating and discovering what it means to live as Christ.  It is not a title given to the super christians, nor is it an isolated 10 week class that gives us secret information.  
Discipleship is a way of life in which we follow the leading of God and learn from His example as we are taught by the Holy Spirit.  Discipleship is who we become, not necessarily what we do.  Well it is what we end up doing, but it comes from the reality of being who we are.  It is a response to the invitation to follow Christ. It is a maturing process where we die to self and serve others.  This is all from a heart that is bent towards honoring God.  
God is not in the business of purchasing museum pieces that sit on a shelf in a  cathedral.  He invites us to participate in His will as we respond to His grace.  

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