Sunday, April 17, 2011

settling in

One of the most asked questions we have experienced is, "how are you settling in"?  I thought it would be good to take some space here and discuss that.  Overall I think we are settling in really well.  The transition has been made easier by so many different people praying for our success.  That includes people in many different places from a variety of churches.  Another real blessing is the way we have been received by the people here in Northern California.  We are constantly asked where we are from, as if we have some sort of accent or something.  We have been able to talk about the church plant with many people and discuss what we hope to do here.
A truly amazing thing is the great people who keep coming to services and Bible Study.  Each week people come hungry to hear the word of God and connect with others in real relationships.  That keeps the reason we are here right before us each day.  Knowing why we are here and what we have been called to do is becoming clearer each day.  In that, the transition is going really well.
We miss friends and family back south.  I was asked the other day what I missed most about where we moved from.  After much thought, I think I settled on the ministry assistant I was blessed with in Birmingham.  We had facilities, supplies, things, etc... but wow I didn't fully realize how much I needed and was blessed by Misty until well, I am now my own assistant.  I would fire me as an assistant.  That is a big transition.  I am getting acclimated to it, but having that dependable and skilled helper is so crucial.  So that part of the transition is still in transition.
I am meeting with a couple of different groups of guys for prayer.  Jennifer is working on starting a prayer group for women.  Each week we are meeting more and more people.  More than that we are developing friendships with people.
The kids are doing well.  Jon has a really good team of teachers that work with him.  His Autism class runs a Smoothie business for the school.  Chance is also doing well.  He is going to a smaller school which has helped him in the transition.  He is making friends and really enjoying being here.  The three little ones have made themselves right at home.  They and we (Jennifer and I) definitely miss the Homewood Day School.  I will stop there.
So overall the transition is going well.  Jennifer and I are grateful for those that continue to check on us and pray over us.  Please continue.  We are excited about what we see God doing in our lives.  How are we settling in, pretty well.  


  1. Thanks for keeping us informed. It's great being a foreigner isn't it? It really helps open that door to talking about our purpose. The transition may always be a little hard, but we are praying that all of you will be able to develop deep friendships with some who will make you feel "at home."

  2. You aren't getting Misty to move no matter how many nice things you write in your blog. We miss y'all too, though.

  3. you would love it... you wouldn't just be another red dot in a blue state... Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, the mountains, the valleys, the red woods, the ocean....

  4. We miss you guys at Day School too!!! Glad things are moving in the right direction.

  5. Thanks for the kind words!I feel so blessed to have been able to work with you. Matt and I miss you guys. Glad to hear that things are going well.