Thursday, April 28, 2011


Like many others, I am searching the web for every bit of information I can on the devastation in Alabama. As a native of Alabama with many friends and family there I have a vested interest in the healing process that will need to occur.  I am regularly speaking with friends about needs and prayer requests.  The images of what people have faced and are facing is overwhelming.  I have spoken with some who had no problems and didn't even lose power and also spoken with a young man we love whose bedroom was blown away with him a few feet away.
There are many who are wanting to help, but until search and rescue has ended, traveling south is not a good idea.  There will be massive needs for volunteers in the coming weeks.  There are great ministries lining up in the affected areas that we can partner with to get water, food, clothing and other necessities to those in need.  Ultimately, the business of praying for healing, wholeness, salvation, life, and motivation to move forward are what is in great demand.
Our house in Birmingham as far as we know has no damage.  The inside has not yet been checked, but the outside appears intact.  Jennifer and I are just hurting for those we love and the residents who have been impacted.  We served in Tuscaloosa in campus ministry and in Birmingham where I was the preaching minister at the Homewood Church.  Seeing the damage and knowing people in those areas just feels helpless being 2400 miles away.  Our new church plant here in California is pleading with God for his mercy and love to be poured out.  Join me in just putting everything else aside for a five minutes and asking God to do the miraculous in this tragedy for the glory of His name.  Habakkuk   3:2 would be a good prayer to read and then plead with God for.

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